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Top Tips On How To Run A Business Successfully In India

When planning to run a business, it's always good to look at other successful entrepreneurs to see what steps they have taken.  Anand Mishra Entrepreneur is a good example, and there are many like him to learn from.  Let's look at some of their tips regarding how to run a business successfully in India.

It all starts with creating a stable foundation to build your business on.  This means, rather than focusing on the millions you want to make eventually, you need to focus on the smaller things first.  Otherwise, you could miss a crucial step in the building process of your business.  

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What Is Your Business Idea?

First, ask yourself what an why?  What kind of business do you want to start and why do you want to do it?  Will it be a product that you want to sell or a service you wish to provide?

Now, look at why you want to do this.  It may be that potential customers aren't happy with a product out there that you can make better.  Or you may have skills that can solve an issue by providing a service.   It's important to keep the issues a customer is facing as a focal point.  If you aren't going to be doing something that solves an issue, your business is likely to fail.  Your business idea needs to solve a problem or need that your intended market wants.


Before putting a lot of money and resources into your business, you will first need to research facts and figures to validate the need for the service or product.  If the market is already saturated with a similar service or product, there may not be a need for more.  This is one of the top reasons that many small businesses fail.   Also, look at: 

  • What/who your target market will be
  • The competition, what they are doing, whether they are successful, and what pitfalls they have faced
  • What resources you will need
  • Why will customers choose you over the competition

Make a Business Plan

You may not think it's a necessity, but having a business plan will help keep things in focus.  Even if it's just a page long, it will consist of your ideas, how to plan to make it all happen, and what it needs to make it so.  It also helps if you are looking for investors who will want to see your plan.

Make Sure it's Legal

Every business needs to register itself in India. This includes registering any trademarks and GST numbers.  You can then open a bank account for the company and you are all set to get your business running for success. 


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