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How to Be Confident with Your Looks


One of the main keys that define your self-esteem is how you feel about your appearance. In this very moment, it is highly likely that there are certain aspects of your body or face that you are not particularly fond of: it may be your weight, the color of your skin or the look of your hair. Some of these aspects may be modifiable with some effort, but some others are simply not. For this reason, it is important to learn confident with your looks, and realistic about what can be changed and what can’t. Let’s review some solid tips from Entrepreneur Anand Mishra regarding this topic.

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1- Make sure to highlight every day the aspects of your appearance that you feel proud of. Be it your hair, eyes, nose or any other part of your body that you are pleased with. This is the best you can do to start creating the habit of focusing on what you like instead of what you don’t like. We all have “flaws”, but dwelling on them won’t make them disappear. Instead, choose to proudly accept them. Both what you like and don’t like about your body are part of you, and what makes YOU unique.



2- Don’t use negative adjectives when talking to yourself about the way you look. Pay careful attention to this internal dialogue, because sometimes it is a habit so cemented that you don’t even realize you are doing it, but it is still taking its toll on your self-esteem. Choose to change your internal dialogue. Make it a positive one, let it turn into a habit, and soon enough, it will start creating a constructive impact on your body confidence and your self-esteem.

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