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Why Thought Leadership Articles are Integral to Businesses

Thought leadership articles are an important dimension in business. Every business leader has his or her own thoughts, and it is these thoughts that play a very important role in the organization. Routine activities are guided by the thoughts of leaders, strategies are influenced by the ideas of a leader, and decisions are also guided by the thoughts of leaders. With multiple dimensions in an organization being impacted by the thoughts of a leader, it is necessary to be able to get that across to the industry. This is exactly why, many successful businessmen like Anand Mishra Entrepreneur take to blogging, despite tight schedules.

Thought leadership articles and blogs help leaders to share the ideas and shape the opinion of various stakeholders. It is one of the most important tools used by industry to influence decision-makers and to share important perspectives about various products services. For instance, prior to the launch of a new product or service, business leaders are known to write about the particular sector and the need for that service or product. This helps create interest in the minds of users, and also helps users to understand more about the product of the service. In other words, thought leadership articles and blogs help to prepare different stakeholders for or the products and services.

Use case scenarios are an important aspect of new products and services. Most users may not be aware of certain use cases of specific products or services. It is also so hard to imagine every user going through technical specifications or menus to understand all about the products and services. This is best achieved through blogs and articles which touch upon the various use cases and scenarios in which products and services can be used. Written in an engaging manner and coming from the desk of a senior leader in the business, it comes with authority and credibility, which makes the writings popular and widely read.

Thought leadership articles and blogs penned by leaders in the industry are easily accepted by reputed online and print publications. The need for content will never end - it is only the manner in which the content is shared that will change. Despite the fact that explainer videos and visualization has become hugely popular, blogs and thought leadership articles continue to be authoritative sources of content. It is also a fact that readers eagerly wait for content from authoritative sources. We are in the digital era where there is a deluge of information. A lot of information that is available on the internet is from dubious sources with incorrect information. This is exactly why many readers prefer to read content authored by leaders in business.

Reputed online and print media prefer to play the role of channels that carry information from leaders in business. Not only does it give readers authoritative sources of information, but it also helps the channels to be powerful in terms of shaping public opinion. With new and exciting technologies emerging on the ecosystem, it becomes necessary for the right information to be shared at the right time and from the right sources. Thought leadership articles and blogs are therefore an important channel of communication for dissemination of information.

Top Tips On How To Run A Business Successfully In India

When planning to run a business, it's always good to look at other successful entrepreneurs to see what steps they have taken.  Anand Mishra Entrepreneur is a good example, and there are many like him to learn from.  Let's look at some of their tips regarding how to run a business successfully in India.

It all starts with creating a stable foundation to build your business on.  This means, rather than focusing on the millions you want to make eventually, you need to focus on the smaller things first.  Otherwise, you could miss a crucial step in the building process of your business.  

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Creative Marketing Ideas Restaurants That Will Help Boost Your Business

Below mentioned are some creative marketing ideas restaurants that can be helpful in increasing your business.

Frequent social media challenges

Social media contests are a great way to promote your brand and everyone loves to win free stuff. Not only will customers keep an eye on your page, but this will also increase the number of people who engage on your page. An example is featuring a giveaway contest where you ask people to win the giveaway by tagging their friends.

This will help you boost your brand visibility, gain more followers and boost your overall business.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags can be very helpful in boosting your business if used the right way. Hashtags can help promote brand awareness, increase engagement and the number of customers who visit your restaurant. One of the most effective ways of promoting your restaurant is by building awareness of your brand. When a customer sees your restaurant’s name and logo, they should immediately know what type of food you serve, what your company stands for and how to find you.

If your restaurant is using hashtags constantly, then your followers will start using them as well. Hashtags also increase the discoverability of posts which in return helps gain followers.

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Give importance to web designs

Make sure that you have a top notch web design for your restaurant; you can post pictures to show off the atmosphere of your restaurants as well as your food and drinks. Make sure that your website can be accessed on mobile phones as well.

Boost posts or create sponsored ads

An efficient way of increasing your marketing is by creating advertisements or paying google to boost your posts. A few followers might see your post but in order to get your posts noticed by a larger audience you might need to invest in an advertising budget. When you pay to advertise and boost the visibility of your posts you can choose the location, target audience and more.

Boosting a post simple means increasing the traffic on a post that is up on your website.

Frozen yogurt business plan and other factors to consider when starting a business

The frozen yogurt business has grown tremendously all over the US as well as internationally. Many aspiring business persons are now looking to invest in a franchise option or even start their own frozen yogurt business venture. There are however a few things that you must consider when you are making a frozen yogurt business plan.

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The plan itself

No business venture is complete without having a business plan of course. It gives a basic summary of what you want to open. For example, whether you would prefer a full service frozen yogurt outlet or the self-serving one? The frozen yogurt business plan would also include details about the market, the geographic and the demographics which would provide information about the type of customers there are. It also includes details about the competitors and what strategies they are following. This is all involved in the marketing side of the business plan which would also have information regarding what kind of marketing and advertising is to be developed. There is also the financials, the expected revenues, cash flows and it is usually prepared for the first year.


Once the frozen yogurt business plan is ready, then you must decide what should be the ideal location where you want to open your store. The best place would be an area which is not entirely saturated with ice cream or frozen yogurt businesses.

Lease and financing

Once the area where you want to locate is decided, then you should consider the lease options. A real estate agent would be able to guide you. Financing options can also be found. Most lending institutions like banks would require a business plan beforehand.

Other factors

There are plenty of other factors which should be kept in mind depending on the location, the government rules and regulations and more. These might include interior or the design of the store, store permits, inventory, and branding. The whole process of starting a frozen yogurt business begins with a frozen yogurt business plan, and once that is ready, the business venture can begin.

Top Business Tips For Small Business Owners


For small business owners, the first few years can often be the most challenging and requires a lot of hard work. This doesn't mean its impossible to make your small business a big success. We've gained inspiration through the success stories of many successful businessmen who started from the ground up, such as Anand Mishra, an Indian Entrepreneur who began his journey at a young age. Looking at the stories behind these successful individuals helped us discover the top business tips for small business owners.

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How to Be Confident with Your Looks


One of the main keys that define your self-esteem is how you feel about your appearance. In this very moment, it is highly likely that there are certain aspects of your body or face that you are not particularly fond of: it may be your weight, the color of your skin or the look of your hair. Some of these aspects may be modifiable with some effort, but some others are simply not.

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Things To Stop Doing So You Can Be Happy In Life Always

There are a lot of things that you should do to find happiness in life. Once you get there, it is even more challenging to stay happy every day, but that’s only half of it. There are a lot of things that you should avoid doing in order to get back to your old happy self and stay there forever. Below, Anand Mishra Star Infranet talks about habits that you should avoid so that you can always feel happy.

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Finding Happiness When You Are Single

Being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some people feel like they constantly have to be in a relationship or with someone. These people are missing out on the advantages that single life has. Below, Anand Mishra Tathastu Information talks about why single life is great and how you can be happy without being in a relationship.

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Some Unique Men Gift Baskets That Don’t Fail to Stand Out As a Gift

While some of the “beer gifts for him” gift basket ideas have got way too common, there still seem to be some others that haven’t really been exploited yet. And as Anand Mishra CEO, someone who’s quite experienced with the gift industry, puts it, these are the type of ideas you may want to go with in order to come out a winner.

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How to Make Great Family Gift Baskets?

There seems to be a wide range of family gift basket themes out there. Now, while it means that you have got a lot of choices, it probably also means that there’s a good bit of chance that you will end up being overwhelmed or confused, unless you’re a “gifts” expert like Anand Mishra or other such guys that know how to go about choosing the right gift, as they have been in the industry for quite a long time now.

Anyway, this short but informative article is going share with you a few things about making family gift baskets, which can always be a bit of a challenge.

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